Athena Home Care Services is a family-owned and operated home care agency.  It was established for the purpose of providing skilled Home Care aides to individuals who need a little extra help at home or in the community as they go about the activities of their daily lives.

In 2004, after many years of volunteer service, we created Athena Home Care Services in Vancouver, Washington.  Our agency is not a franchise; we are a unique and ever-expanding company.  We are licensed by the Washington State Department of Health to provide in-home care in Clark County. Athena provides personal care to elders, and to individuals of all ages with disabilities.  

Athena hires good people who yearn to do meaningful, necessary work serving others.  All employees are required to submit to a thorough Washington State Patrol/FBI criminal background check as well as reference checks.  Our Home Care Aides receive all  necessary training and orientation, and in most cases, an introduction to the client by an Athena supervisor before they begin working.

Continuing education for our staff, orientation to the special needs of each new client, and criminal background checks are on-going agency requirements.  Because Athena supervisors are readily available to assist Home Care Aides in the field if anything unexpected should arise, lines of communication between supervisors and employees are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once hired, Athena employees must demonstrate that they are following all agency policies and procedures, and that they are bringing their very best selves to work each day.

To meet our goals, Athena recruits, trains, encourages, supervises, and supports a number of carefully-selected employees who are drawn to this work by a desire to contribute to their community and to work at a job that enriches the their lives. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of in-home care to our clients, and to create a work environment that fosters enthusiasm, kindness and professionalism in every member of our team.

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